Seton Neighborhood in Calgary Alberta Canada

homes for sale in seton

Seton is a new addition to the Calgary community it is found on its southeast portion. It is designed for a modern suburban lifestyle that can accommodate the needs and wants of the residents. The name Seton originated from the phrase SouthEast Town center which will be the outer core of Calgary.  It is situated in the south of Auburn Bay and to the east of Cranston while on its west is Deerfoot Trail. The goal of the Seton community is to be a modern and accessible neighborhood where work and play go hand-on-hand as well as showcasing its rich and eclectic community to the people. An estimated 120,000 people will be residing and working in the Seton community.

There are already a couple of outstanding amenities situated in Seton such as the new state-of-the-art South Health Campus and the health and wellness service of YMCA that goes hand-on-hand with the Health Campus. There will be an estimated 1,300 multi-family homes in Seton as well as various facilities and shops that will be located at the Gateway Retail District. When looking at houses for sale in Seton you’ll notice that on average listings in Seton price around 

homes for sale in seton

A Cineplex where you can come and watch movies with your friends and families can also be enjoyed with 1,900 seats, 4 VIP auditoriums, and 6 traditional theatres. Around 5 schools are planned to be built in Seton with different varieties. There is also a place for additional learning here with a 25,000 SqFt space, the Seton Library, have a bookable meeting rooms and other services for you and your family. Opening businesses here will also create an opportunity for job seekers to find jobs that they want and settle in the neighborhood as well.

Seton will have different types of homes that will be built and it is up to your liking which one fits you most best. This community is a promising neighborhood and it cannot wait to welcome you and your family into their newly-built homes.