Spotting Real Estate Kinks: Three Things You Need to Look at With Frank Eyes

Once you have located several options for your real estate purchase, emotions can be at an all-time high. When you think you are so close to finding “the one”, it can be easy to overlook flaws and issues. To help you guys avoid that, you need to look at these three particular things with both eyes wide open:


Where is the piece of property located? Is it at the heart of a metropolis? Is it tucked away along some far off hill or mountain? When you are looking at the property, location must be the first thing you need to consider frankly.

Too far and you will end up spending more for gas and other things. If it is at a metropolis, being at a bad area can hurt the property value. Never shy your eyes away for both pros and cons of the area where the property is located.


The kind of soil your potential property is in matters. The topography should also give you an idea of what the climate in the area is like as well. This can help you determine if the building is made well enough to sustain the comings and goings of the weather.

The soil must also be considered as the foundation of the building will be greatly reliant on the type of soil found.


What is the building comprised of? This is one question that needs frank and real assessment. The age of a building a property can be circumvented by the type of materials that were used. If the materials wears and tears easily, the age of the building will show.

You can fall in love with an old building but you should never be blind to the additional costs that this can bring.


A thorough assessment of any property must be made before you even make an offer. Always partner up with a firm that can provide you with a connection to experts that can suitably do an analysis of the property for you.