About Sam and Becky Green

Hello and welcome to Sam and Becky Green. We are certainly delighted that you have come to join us today.

Who Are We

The Sam in “Sam and Becky” is Sam Pettway. He heads the property management and acquisitions department of this firm. As we would love to share more details about this fun duo, they are always very particular at keeping the spotlight where it should be: on the client.

We believe that each client’s real estate dream should be realized to the best of our utmost capability. As such, we made sure that we shore up our family with people who are the very best at what they do. Our many teams are comprised of brokers, lawyers, engineers, and so many others.

Our Goal

Our utmost goal is to lay down the path and foundations toward a client’s real estate target. We utilize the latest technology and our expansive network to provide you with the very best of options as stipulated by your vision.

Real estate does not have to be a scary undertaking. Sam and Becky Green are here to synthesize your needs, your vision, and your capital. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to message us at support@samandbeckygreen.com